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I am a multilented writer, director, actor, poet, critic and scholar. I've been a theatre and media teacher for 17 years at the University of Cross, Uyo, Abuja and Delta State(Lagos Campus). I studied Theatre and Communications at the University of Calabar and Ibadan respectively. With Ph.D in performance theory and practice that relates Grotowski's aesthetics to the Nigerign State. I have served as PRO, Society of Nigerian Thetist(SONTA) and member of the Editorial Board of Sonta Journal. I published some plays, some of which includes Generous Donors - A Dramatic Expose on AIDs etc. I am Widely travelled to Europe and America where i have drawn challenges for the African Theatre-Type. I'm married to pretty Dr. Ofonime and we are bless with John-Ani, Victor-Eti., Elizabeth-ofon and Emmanuel Disu.

Some Basics

Date of Birth: June 21, 1959
Address: Department of Theatre Arts,
University of Uyo,
P.M.B 1017,
Akwa lbom State
Email: drjohnsonee@yahoo.com

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Professional Memberships

Some Facts

State Responsibilities

I have presented three papers on behalf of the state to the citizen on Ibom Cultural Heritage and Violence-free Elections respectively, between 2012 and 2015, in Uyo and Ikot Ekpene Senatorial Districts. In the just concluding national elections, I was again invited to present a paper on Violence-Free Elections in Akwa Ibom State to (a mammoth crowd) over 6,000 people who gathered at the grounds of Destiny Chapel on Tuesday, March 08, 2015 - few days to the election proper. Click HERE for other things i've done for the state.

National Responsibilities

My 1st National Assignment was as Adjudicator for the country during the National Festival of Arts and Culture in Abuja. The assignment was critical because the country wanted good entries from the country who would ?y the nation's ?ag in International Cultural Expose(1992) Click HERE for other things i've done for the nation Nigeria.

THA 137

Basic Speech Arts

THA 151

Introduction to Theatre Practice

THA 256

Introduction to Directing

THA 247

Speech Arts

THA 311

African Traditional Theatre

THA 411

Topics in Theatre Studies

THA 415

Advanced Playwriting

THA 416

Advanced Play Production and Directing

THA 451

Special African Playwright

THA 431

Theories of the Modern Theatre

THA 713

Theory and Criticism of the Arts of Theatre

THA 715

Advanced Studies in Directing

Johnson, E. E. (1995)

"Performance Experiments and the Nigerian Stage: The Challenge of Grotowski". University of lbadan.

Johnson, E. E. (1987)

"A Comparative Study of Odu Themes Meridian and PEC Repertory Theatre". University of lbadan.

Johnson, E. E. (1983)

"Dramatic Analysis of Cock Crow at Dawn: An NTA Network Drama Programme." University of Calabar.

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