International Responsibilities

International Producer/Director of Mary Anne's "Shattered Dreams"


The Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, in conjunction with the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, in keeping with their corporate social responsibility, decided to embark on HIV/AIDs enlightenment campaign programme to East African countries. I was chosen as the International Producer/Director of Mary Anne's"Shattered Dreams" a pro - HIV/AIDS video film. I did that in Nigeria - giving my students and colleagues a first class international exposure and of course professional fees.
Consultant to the United States Agency for International Development.


This was one of my most enlightened and vantaged world class experiences. I served in platforms such as Human Rights, Child Rights, Women Rights, Democratic Governance, and Press Kit Development (for Nigerian Journalists and Accurate Reportage). It was this experience that facilitated my becoming An International Visitor to the United States of America (1998). I participated in International training workshops on:
      - Civil Rights and Activism (Washington D.C.);
      - Tribal Jurisdiction and Conflict Resolution (Albuquerque-New Mexicon);
      - Community Priority and Environment Problems (Boulder-Colorado);
      - Civil Education, Promotion, Community Development/Teacher Training (Syracuse, New York);
      - Non-violent Social Change/Civil Journalism and Citizen Activism (Atlanta-Georgia)
USAID trips also took me to Frankfurt -Germany, St. Louis - U.S.A; Philadelphia - USA; and Zurich- Switzerland. My horizon, perspectives, capacities, experiences, exposures, approaches, and priorities, were effectually, beyond descriptions here, altered for the common good in international dimensions.
At International Conference of Deans of Student Affairs in Wembley, London


I made such impact in that conference with my presentations, discussions and criticisms that, the Vice-Chancellor of University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, upon our return to Nigeria, came and negotiated with my Vice-Chancellor (Prof. Akanreren Essien) for my release to his University. Of course, my V.C could not oblige him over one reliably functional in his think thank.
Appointed Visiting Scholar to the Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

2012 - 2013

Taught courses, supervised, directing projects (practical and theory) served in A & PC in the Faculty, Interviewed new staff for the faculty, reviewed curriculum of studies; and, for the first time since the University of Cape Coast inception in 1962, produced Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice with a rousing and memorable success. Received an Award of Excellence (the first of its kind), published two books; recommended another colleague from Uyo for Sabbatical Leave/after my tenure, and maintained liaison and collaboration till date.
Appointed Visiting Scholar to Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

October & November 2013

Chaired audition sessions for admission of new students, brainstormed on curricular, theories; practices with faculty members; watched and criticized film productions by students; attended Industry Day Programme; wrote three international papers on Post-Aparthied South Africa and established liaison between Tshwane and Uyo. The HOD of Tshwane, Prof. Patrick Ebewo visited Uyo twice and attended one of our Theatre Season Activities and made promises for improved facilities for the Department. One of our staff did his Ph.D in Tshawne, South Africa - still maintaining the bond.

Other Areas of Responsibility