Pre-University Roles

African Church Mission School, Mbierebe Obio, Ibesikpo, Uyo. (Currently, the Primary School No.1 Aka-Etinan Road)
Appointed Class Monitor in Primary 2, 3, 4 respectively.
      - Ensured that the classroom was tidy. The teacher's chair and table in place.
      - Maintained discipline among classmates.
      - Reported trouble makers to class teacher (fighters, pick-pockets, abusers etc)
      - Encouraged recalcitrant to be serious-minded
      - Made sure the blackboard, easel, duster, chalk and cane, were always in their positions for the teacher.

Appointed Junior Team Captain in Primary 3 & 4
      - Assumed responsibility for keeping the football. Sometimes arranged for it to be inflated to right capacity.
      - Selected team mates with School's sport's teacher.
      - Exercised pseudo-coaching responsibilities during practices.
      - Motivated team to successes. Encouraged team during defeats.
African Church Secondary Commercial School, Oku-Iboku, Itu.(1972 - 1975).
Appointed Captain, Under Thirteen Football Team.
      - Identified talents for the team along with Sport's Master.
      - Kept record of attendees at game practices.
      - Performed pseudo-coaching duties while on field of play (especially when Sport's Master was absent).
      - Played No.7 but functioned more as utility player in the field of play.
      - Motivated team to great successes (against Itam Secondary School, Lott Carey Baptist Mission School, Archibong's Memorial Grammar School).
      - Played for Senior First Eleven School Team (Though a junior because of exceptional skills and talents).
Methodist Secondary School, Ibiaku Issiet, Uyo. Classes 4 & 5 (1976 & 1977).
Appointed House Prefect
      - Responsible for the well-being of housemates.
      - Reported cases of sickness, theft, witchcraft haunt, fights, truancy, absenteeism, bounds breakage etc to the Compound Master and/or Principal.
      - Maintained high hygienic standards in the hall, bathrooms and toilets.
      - Mobilized the hall for monthly sanitation inspection. Because of the status of the house with many high prefects, we came tops in most sanitation exercises.
      - Ensured that the school rules and regulations were observed by hall mates; e.g. prep hours, compound duties, feeding in the dinning hall, contact hours, siesta, sports period, blackout time, devotional hour etc.
National Museum, Jos - 1978
      - Enlisted as Footballer for Antiquities Football Club
      - Appointed Tour Guide in the Pottery Department of the Museum. To guide tourists to the Museum, show them pottery processes. Take them to the show room, bargained for pottery shopping. (They were mainly white people).
      - Transferred to the Library as Library Assistant (basically because of fluency in spoken English). Duty included assisting library users locate books, borrow books, return books and providing any information to their inquiry.

Other Areas of Responsibility